‘Choose to Challenge’ was this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. Choose to challenge sexist jokes from family members. Choose to challenge the silence on important issues from your male friends or those who turn a blind eye to casual rape culture. Choose to challenge everything — everything except the harmful narrative behind ‘choice feminism’. Internet Movement

The Choice Feminism movement promotes the belief that any decision made by a woman is inherently feminist because they’ve exercised their right to freedom of choice. …

By Alexandria Slater

Deep in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand lies glacial, crisp snow mirroring the heavy white mist of the winter’s sky. The serene panorama enticed aspiring filmmaker, Abhimanhyu Amoli, to explore the local legend of the mountain fairies.

Being from Uttarakhand “I wanted to stray away from heavily featured poverty porn and create a film closer to my roots,” Abhimanyu says.

He was inspired by the folklore tales of the Mahabharata — stories that originated from Hindu mythology — and so created his indie fantasy horror film, “Fairy Meadows.”

By nature, surrealism cinema excludes itself from the veracity…

Fallowfield students generously donated musical instruments to a gentleman with Autism after his support worker shared a post on Facebook.

Together Trust charity worker and university student William Bayley aims to help the individual ‘express his emotions’ and ‘provide a richness’ to his days with the ‘power of music.’

Ironically claiming its title from the ‘promising young man’ defence used to justify the heinous crimes of rapists like Brock Turner, Emerald Fennell’s first feature film, Promising Young Woman, powerfully mirrors society’s ugly truths with an unapologetic and bold rhetoric. With artistry and care, Fennell uses light and colour to contour religious motifs within frames, evoking hope for a cathartic ending. However, during the film’s final acts, the line between fantasy and realism is blurred, reducing the narrative’s substance.

Promising Young Woman — available for streaming in the UK on 16 April — is a whiplash-inducing blend of revenge thriller…

On Saturday, Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer for Malcolm D Lee’s Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The film is a greatly anticipated sequel to the highest-grossing basketball film of all time, Space Jam, released 25 years ago.

Los Angeles Lakers basketball star LeBron James will be replacing former protagonist and NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, in this nostalgic sequel to the 1996 semi-animated film.

Space Jam: A New Legacy follows LeBron James and the beloved Looney Tunes squad as they prepare for an all-or-nothing basketball match against the Goon Squad-originally the Monstars-in an attempt to reclaim James’ abducted son Dom (Cedric Joe). Dom is taken hostage by artificial intelligence villain ‘Al-G Rhythm’, portrayed by Don Cheadle.

Unlike the original, audiences should prepare for a narrative that goes beyond basketball as the film explores themes surrounding the complexities…

By Alexandria Slater

This September Transylvanian filmmaker and student philosopher, Manuel Cojocaru, released his first short feature film, Wild Boars. The seven minute length film embarks on a surreal and psychological journey through the confession of Mr Jones’ murderer, played by Cojocaru himself.

Fans of David Lynch will admire Wild Boars for the convergence between reality and a dream-like realm. The film is an exploration into the psyche, ascribing to Sigmund Freud’s theory of the ‘id’ — the deepest and most primitive part of one’s subconscious.

The film projects the unsettling concept that buried deep in one’s psyche is…

By Alexandria Slater

The global pandemic has exposed the corruption and greed of the capitalist system that dictates our lives like puppets. But the constant repetition of the term ‘essential’ used by the UK government and media emasculates the materialistic world we live in.

Sam Mendes’ American Beauty and David Fincher’s Fight Club, both released twenty one years ago, critique consumerism and the way it feeds on empty and desperate individuals seeking fulfilment in life.

Like wickedly dangling food in front of a dog who you have no intention to feed, governments entice the public with the zealous ‘American Dream’…

By Alexandria Slater

Horror is widely perceived as a genre overwhelmed with excessive gore and predictable supernatural tropes. So here’s a compiled list of hidden gems that offer more than torture porn and cheap jump scares.

11. Sleepaway Camp

Robert Hilzik produced one of the greatest plot twists of all time in this classic slasher film released in 1983. The film may not be up to everybody’s standards due to the simplistic storyline but it’s a nostalgic throwback that provides fun and easy entertainment.

10. Creep

Mark Duplass’ outstanding and authentic performance in this found footage horror is…

Cosmopolitan Magazine boasts the title of biggest young women’s media brand in the world. From putting plus size supermodel, Tess Holliday and non-binary activist, Jonathan Van Ness on the cover to winning multiple awards and launching a programme to help graduates into work during the pandemic, Cosmo has always been a force to be reckoned with.

Last week Manchester Metropolitan journalism students were honoured to have the chance to interview Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief, Claire Hodgson for a magcast — one of a series of audio recordings made by the magazine journalism unit with people working in the magazine industry.

Claire opened…

Alexandria Slater

Journalist studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Arts, culture and current affairs.

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