Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum. Photo: Alex Slater

The dark satanic mills of Manchester may have been transformed into chic apartments and office space, but the exploitation and abuse that went on in those mills hasn’t disappeared.

Our addiction to fast fashion means we import the majority of clothes made from global south countries, who have built their own satanic mills to replace our own. Fast fashion brands based in Manchester are making a killing from this trade.

The dense forest of cotton mill chimneys and heavy clouds of soot loomed over Manchester, depriving the city of a single slither of sunlight or joy. Crowded inside the mills…

Alexandria Slater explores symbols of togetherness and their cultural implications in Aleem Khan’s searing feature debut, After Love.

In our era of post-Brexit chauvinism, After Love director Aleem Khan poses the question: “how much of ourselves really belongs to us?”

We know that true identity is a malleable mosaic of traits, influenced by both the environment and people around us. And yet, Western culture is increasingly pandering to an individualistic ideology and ‘every man for himself’ mantra, resulting in feelings of alienation and insecurity. Through patriotic symbolism and a nuanced exploration of cultural ties, After Love depicts the potential beauty of collectivism within countries when fragments of the mosaic are shattered.

After Love tells us the story of…

‘Choose to Challenge’ was this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. Choose to challenge sexist jokes from family members. Choose to challenge the silence on important issues from your male friends or those who turn a blind eye to casual rape culture. Choose to challenge everything — everything except the harmful narrative behind ‘choice feminism’.

Internet Movement

The Choice Feminism movement promotes the belief that any decision made by a woman is inherently feminist because they’ve exercised their right to freedom of choice. …

By Alexandria Slater

Deep in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand lies glacial, crisp snow mirroring the heavy white mist of the winter’s sky. The serene panorama enticed aspiring filmmaker, Abhimanhyu Amoli, to explore the local legend of the mountain fairies.

Being from Uttarakhand “I wanted to stray away from heavily featured poverty porn and create a film closer to my roots,” Abhimanyu says.

He was inspired by the folklore tales of the Mahabharata — stories that originated from Hindu mythology — and so created his indie fantasy horror film, “Fairy Meadows.”

By nature, surrealism cinema excludes itself from the veracity…

An investigation into GP registration and access to Covid-19 vaccinations found that undocumented migrants are being refused registration despite being eligible.

Manchester authorities and national healthcare experts share their concerns on the barriers raised preventing effective vaccination of a vulnerable minority.

With the UK well on its way into yet another wave of Covid-19 infections, and Greater Manchester’s NHS already opening extra critical care beds for Covid admissions, it is imperative that as many people as possible are given the vaccine to limit the damage done.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism have uncovered evidence to show that our health service…

I fear the day someone might hold a gun to my head and asks me what my favourite film is. That is because unless this imaginary hitman is patient enough to listen to me derail my answer from that one arthouse film that “changed my life” to the cult classic chick flick that I shamelessly claim liking as a personality trait, I’d probably be dead. Fortunately, my life isn’t a No Country for Old Men spin-off, and here I’m free to delve into five of the most beloved films that have challenged, comforted, and inspired me throughout the past 22 years.

Devil Wears Prada (2006) dir. David Frankel

It would be ingenuine to disregard Devil Wears Prada’s influence over me, however shallow the influence may be. The first time I watched Meryl Streep deliver some of the most iconic one-liners as Miranda Priestly I was hooked, obsessed even. Before watching the film, I had already decided that I wanted to be a writer when I grow up, but post-viewing ten-year-old me had to be a writer in New York. Anything less than picking up Starbucks for my boss each morning (how generous) would be a failure. Details as minute as the Amnesty poster in Andy and Nate’s apartment…

Manchester. Photo: Pixabay

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit release report covering the north-west which condemns the hostile environment for creating an “immigration system that exploits people because of their race, class and gender.”

A new report on the collision of Covid-19 and the “hostile environment” policies of the Home Office highlights the harsh impact of the pandemic on immigrants and asylum seekers in the north-west of England.

Local charities are also concerned that displaced individuals will experience increased hardships after free movement between the United Kingdom and European Union was ended on 31 December 2020 and the new points-based system in line with…

Fallowfield students generously donated musical instruments to a gentleman with Autism after his support worker shared a post on Facebook.

Together Trust charity worker and university student William Bayley aims to help the individual ‘express his emotions’ and ‘provide a richness’ to his days with the ‘power of music.’

Ironically claiming its title from the ‘promising young man’ defence used to justify the heinous crimes of rapists like Brock Turner, Emerald Fennell’s first feature film, Promising Young Woman, powerfully mirrors society’s ugly truths with an unapologetic and bold rhetoric. With artistry and care, Fennell uses light and colour to contour religious motifs within frames, evoking hope for a cathartic ending. However, during the film’s final acts, the line between fantasy and realism is blurred, reducing the narrative’s substance.

Promising Young Woman — available for streaming in the UK on 16 April — is a whiplash-inducing blend of revenge thriller…

Alexandria Slater

Journalist studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Arts, culture and current affairs.

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