Alexandria Slater explores symbols of togetherness and their cultural implications in Aleem Khan’s searing feature debut, After Love.

Philippe McKie ‘s first feature film and Japan’s first ever urban dance film is a visually electrifying and thematically layered take on the universal ‘struggling artist’ trope. Dreams on Fire captures the fierce beauty of Tokyo’s urban dance scene whilst shining a light on the sinister underbelly of the city’s entertainment industry.


I fear the day someone might hold a gun to my head and asks me what my favourite film is. That is because unless this imaginary hitman is patient enough to listen to me derail my answer from that one arthouse film that “changed my life” to the cult classic chick flick that I shamelessly claim liking as a personality trait, I’d probably be dead. Fortunately, my life isn’t a No Country for Old Men spin-off, and here I’m free to delve into five of the most beloved films that have challenged, comforted, and inspired me throughout the past 22 years.

Devil Wears Prada (2006) dir. David Frankel

Manchester. Photo: Pixabay

Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum. Photo: Alex Slater

Alexandria Slater

Journalist studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Arts, culture and current affairs.

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