Cannes 2022: the stand-out short films


The Water Murmurs (China, 15 mins) — SHORT FILM PALME D’OR
Dir: Jianying Chen
Inspired by French poet Charles Baudelaire’s ’The Jewels’, The Water Murmurs explores the raw human emotion that emerges when the locals of a small riverside town are forced to flee their homes after an unexpected asteroid hits the earth. Shooting on 35mm and digital to capture both the grainy textures of the sea-salted and rocky atmosphere as well as the crisp landscape and horizon, DoP Xi Bing captures the sombreness of a faded future with blues and greens that give this short a distinctly Tarkovskian feel. Contact: /


A Conspiracy Man (It, 19 mins) — FIRST PRIZE
Dir: Valerio Ferrara
“BillGatesIsReptillia” is Antonio’s (Lucio Patanè) password for every account. He’s a barber who bothers his clients with biblical preaching and obsesses over the streetlamps flickering an average number of seven times, ascribing coincidence as a sinister government ploy, for who knows to what end. A scene with the protagonist locked up in a cell with four random strangers is a crafty portrayal of how easily a wildfire of misinformation can spread within echo chambers online but, after the first few jokes, the film loses its comedic momentum with its repetition of on-the-nose satirical dialogue. Nonetheless, Ferrara’s timely and unique take on a working class man’s search for autonomy in conspiracy theories is deserving of the €15,000 grant. Contact:


Ice Merchants (Port-UK-Fr, 14 mins) — LEITZ CINE DISCOVERY PRIZE
Dir: João Gonzalez
Gonzalez’s silent animation follows the daily working life of a father and his son as they journey from their house on a cliff to the village below to sell ice to locals. The film is an insight into Gonzalez’s exploration of his daydreams, with a scratchy graphite texture similar to that of Japanese Edo art but with a lucid saturated colour palette doubling as a code red warning against climate change. Ice Merchants is a moving depiction of the nature of family connection. Contact: /



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Alexandria Slater

Alexandria Slater

Multimedia Journalism Graduate. Lancashire Telegraph reporter. Freelance film critic.