Donations Raised for NHS by Members of Fallowfield Community

A third year astrophysics, PhD student has created surgical mask adaptors using a 3D printer and donated them to health care workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Emma Alexander is one of the many volunteers who have been offering their support on the Fallowfield student’s page on Facebook. The post gained a mass of attention from users praising Emma for her generosity. Healthcare workers placed a combined order of one thousand mask adaptors.

“I don’t think the government have done enough for the NHS during this pandemic. Health care workers should have a sufficient supply of comfortable, well-fitting PPE at all times,” says Emma.

The government had multiple opportunities to procure PPE equipment for the NHS, by joining the EU medical equipment scheme, but blamed their machiavellian decision to opt out on an email communication error.

“I was feeling frustrated sitting at home feeling useless, especially considering what my friends in healthcare were up against. After seeing people using their 3D printers to make PPE I was inspired to do some myself.”

NHS front line workers, Emily Rowland, 18 and Ellie Brennan, 21

Emma has delivered nine hundred surgical mask adaptors and still has more to go. She added, “However, it shouldn’t be up to hobbyists to help provide or adapt them, it’s an outrage that this has to be the case.”

“Whilst volunteer stories are heartwarming — CaptainTom for example- the NHS isn’t a charity.”

Social media trends, like the RUN FOR HEROES, where people are encouraged to run 5 kilometres and give £5, have sparked a surge in donations, collecting £5,423,330.35 so far.

“People are only having to step up because the government’s response (and general treatment of the NHS before all of this) was majorly inadequate.”

The NHS has been underfunded for almost a decade, struggling with financial deficit, due to cuts made to provider sectors executed by the government. Coronavirus has exposed the neglect of the NHS and put a strain on healthcare workers to fight a virus with insufficient medical equipment and shortage of staff.

“Imagine if we had both a competent government and a force of people for good- how much of a better position would we be in,” added Emma.

Other members of the Fallowfield community have got creative in an aim to raise as much money as possible for the NHS.

From items of clothing made to sell to live streamed performances, the benevolent actions from members of the Fallowfield community, haven’t gone unnoticed.

Originally published at on May 10, 2020.

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