Fallowfield shares the ‘power of music’

Fallowfield students generously donated musical instruments to a gentleman with Autism after his support worker shared a post on Facebook.

Together Trust charity worker and university student William Bayley aims to help the individual ‘express his emotions’ and ‘provide a richness’ to his days with the ‘power of music.’

The wholesome interaction took place on April 11, during World Autism Awareness Month.

Over 700,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The annual movement aims to raise awareness, educate society, and “ensure autistic people’s needs are taken into account by governments across the UK”.

Students collectively donated a guitar, ukelele, violin, as well as various percussion instruments.

Bayley said: “The aim for implementing the instruments is to support his ability to self regulate, communicate, express emotions and gain greater control over his life.”

According to music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins Scotland, creative hobbies like music or art can help improve communication skills and cognitive development for someone with ASD - depending on the individual needs.

“A careful approach is required for this”, Bayley said.

“We can perform these instruments for him to listen mindfully, away from any distractions — only the sonic.

“We are also attempting to support individual sense of empowerment, so different strategies can also be used, so that he can participate.”

Bayley’s post on Manchester Student’s Group page received an overwhelming response of 280 likes and 40 heartwarming comments showing support for the autism community.

“I am very grateful to the student community for all help. I have lots of ideas for projects and can not wait to start them.”

You can help raise awareness and learn more about ASD on The National Autistic Society website https://www.autism.org.uk/




Journalist studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Arts, culture, social justice.

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Alexandria Slater

Alexandria Slater

Journalist studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. Arts, culture, social justice.

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